Published on : 11 June 2019
Dominique Savard


Charl-Pol company president Richard Tremblay and Construction P.G. president Pierre Gouslisty acquired the Fabnor custom mechanically welded parts plant in Sept-Îles. The plant had been closed for more than two years due to bankruptcy. The two entrepreneurs thus became one of the largest manufacturers of heavy equipment and custom parts in Canada. Although the amount of the transaction was not disclosed, Mr. Tremblay admits that it is a multi-million-dollar investment.

“We bought this former plant, which is emblematic of the Côte-Nord region, because of its large production and impressive lifting capacities. It also allows us to diversify and represents a need for the market. The North Shore is teeming with mining companies and seaports, it’s the gateway to the North, where many projects are underway. We are strategically positioned to serve the Atlantic side of Canada. We are already established in the West, on the Pacific coast, and in central Quebec. This gives us a much greater production capacity,” explains Richard Tremblay, president of Charl Pol, which has four Canadian plants in the cities of Saguenay, Kitimat, Portneuf, and now Sept-Îles.

The two company executives led a group of Quebec industrialists who decided to join forces to revive this emblematic plant, which had been in operation for more than 60 years. Within three years, the new owners aim to reach $20 million in sales and to create 150 new jobs.

“We’re going to start up gradually and, normally, it should take no more than a month to have about twenty employees for the start-up. We want to hire employees from the North Shore, and we also hope to give people who have left a chance to come back to their hometown. With this transaction, we also wanted to bring the work and contracts that are done elsewhere to the North Shore,” says Tremblay.


For a year now, Charl-Pol has been in a structured process of company transfer and succession. Although the current executive director, Richard Tremblay, is still active and will remain with the company for a few more years, it was important for him to ensure his succession and prepare it well.

Three members of Charl-Pol were identified for this process, as this heavy industrial equipment manufacturer will be celebrating its centennial next year. They are Marlène Gauthier, Jonathan Lalande and Jean-Sébastien Michaud, who together hold 25% of Charl-Pol’s shares.

  • The allocation of Fabnor shares will be as follows:
  • Charl-Pol (represented by Richard Tremblay and Charl-Pol successors): 35%
  • Construction & Expertise PG (represented by Pierre Gouslisty & Sébastien Tessier): 35%
  • Raoul Thibault (Fabnor founder): 20%
  • Éric Lizotte (former plant manager): 10%

“In the heavy industry, not many players specialize in equipment manufacturing. With our presence from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and our expertise and capabilities, we have become an important player in Canada,” acknowledged Charl-Pol’s president.

Finally, Richard Tremblay emphasizes that his partnership with Constructions P.G. was a natural fit. The two companies have been doing business together for some time, and the affinities between the teams have developed. “Since our activities are complementary, we have developed a strategy to deploy our capabilities and forces jointly,” he concluded.

About Charl-Pol

Since 1921, Charl-Pol has been a Quebec leader as an OEM and manufacturer of mechanically welded parts in the aluminium, mining, steel, hydroelectric and shipbuilding sectors. Charl-Pol owner or part-owner of four Canadian plants in the cities of Kitimat, Saguenay, Portneuf and Sept-Îles.

About Construction & Expertise P.G.

In 2006, Pierre Gouslisty founded Construction & Expertise PG. The company is involved in a multitude of heavy construction and concrete repair projects. The company, headed by Pierre Gouslisty, President, and Sébastien Tessier, Vice-President, has approximately 200 employees in their four respective offices (Sept-Îles, Labrador City, Chicoutimi and Beauharnois).


The three employees who will take over the reins at Charl-Pol, Jonathan Lalande, Marlène Gauthier, Jean-Sébastien Michaud, with company CEO Richard Tremblay. (Photo: Courtesy)